With the Solar.Pro.Tool you can reach your goal quickly and easily.
In ten clear and logical steps you have your finished project in front of you.

  • Step 1


    Enter the master data of the project and define the project address easily with Google

  • Step 2


    Select the roof shape and enter the required dimensions. You can also easily draw the roof in the MapDrawer

  • Step 3

    PV Modules

    Select either the module you want from the database or from your favorites

  • Step 4


    Depending on the roofing, selected in "Roof", you can select suitable components here

  • Step 5


    Here you can see the finished layout on the roof. You can make adjustments and always know that the desired layout can be installed in exactly the same way

  • Step 6


    Check how the loads, calculated in the background, are distributed throughout the mounting system, and how the load-capacities of the individual components looks like.

  • Step 7


    Choose the manufacturers of inverters and storage, select and combine existing consumption profiles or upload your own consumption profile and let the E-Designer find the best Variation. The result of the simulation provides detailed results.

  • Step 8


    Connect the modules easily and effortlessly. Cable paths, inverter banks and grounding can also be planned here.

  • Done!


    Here you can find the bill of material list for your project and create the project report in the version you want.

How We Work



Our style of development is agile. This leads to fast prototypes and fast provision of your demands as functional solutions


Customer Focus

Regarding further development, support and special implementations, the wishes of our customers are are our main focus.

Neither customers nor their systems have to subordinate to Solar.Pro.Tool.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.


With Joy at Work

You know it: without joy, it will not work.

Even if the topics are complex and tasks, such as finding and eliminating bugs, represent real tests for patience - without laughter and without joy, things are dragged to infinity.


State-Of-The-Art and Innovation

Our inner drive is fueled by the claim to make things better.

With achievements we are satisfied only until we have found something better.

In our opinion, the further development of the Solar.Pro.Tool is far from over. We still have some plans.

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more than
Satisfied Customers
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Satisfied Users

Who We Are

Levasoft GmbH was founded in 2008 and is an owner-managed company. Originally, the business area consisted of the development of individual software.

In February 2010, the Solar.Pro.Tool was launched and since Intersolar 2011 we have been actively represented in the market.

Since that moment we are, live, develop and maintain the Solar.Pro.Tool to 100%. We have put all our resources at the service of developing this software. Every Levasoft employee is a part of Solar.Pro.Tool and vice versa.

After now 12 years we are working with more than 50 customers . Most of them are manufacturers of mounting systems. But also module manufacturers, wholesalers and energy suppliers are among our customers

Our Experience

> 22 Years IT Service
> 22 Year in Programming Web Applications
15 Years of Levasoft
11 Years of Solar.Pro.Tool
> 50 Satisfied Customers
> 80 Elevation Systems Implemented

Our Customers

Levasoft - Owner

Florian Wiesauer

Managing director

60% Project Management

20% Configuration

10% Administration

10% Support

"Where others give up, we continue with great pleasure."

Michael Guder

Head of Development & IT

50% Statics & Engineering

10% Back-end

30% 360° IT

10% Rapid Prototyping

"There are several solutions for each challenge. The art is to find the best."

Stefan Wagner

Head of Marketing & Sales

50% Communication

15% Organization

15% Research

20% Ergonomics

"The trick of understanding is not the question, but the patience while looking."

Levasoft - Team